Police Academy

Rank the films.

1 > 2 > 4 > 3 > 5 > 7 > “Mahoney!”

Genuinely though, I have watched this film series more than any other. Watched the first five on repeat when I was growing up.

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Glad you admitted this before me! Think the ones I watched the most were Citizens on Patrol and Back in Training, but only because that’s all we had recorded off tv, which I find bizarre because they were always being shown. They have a special place in my formative years but fuck ever watching them again!


Might rewatch, probably didn’t get most the jokes as a kid

wanted to rewatch before submitting my ranking but none of them are on netflix :frowning: gonna have to rewatch super troopers instead to ease the disappointment

1 is the only decent one. 3 is maybe the least worst of the rest.

Where is mission to Moscow in this ranking?

Oh wait that is 7 thought it was 8

started rewatching the first one on a flight recently. turned it off when it was literally just him being a peeping tom on women with massive tits.


How the fuck has this never been rebooted?

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No one can do what jones could do.

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And the woman who was quiet then shouted - how to replicate that?


Dont even get me started on z


Just CGI all the sound fx.

When I see a tall person in a small car I always think ‘Hightower car’.

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3 > 1 > 2 > 5 > 4 > 6 > 7

Also spent hundreds of hours watching this series as a kid.

I’m aware that 3 wouldn’t be most people’s first choice, but Bobcat Goldthwait and Tim Kazurinsky steal the show for the first hour. You can switch it off once the recruits are let loose in town though.

I remember being massively disappointed with 6 when we saw it in the cinema. Amazing that they were being shown in the cinema though - most franchises like this would have gone straight to video a lot earlier.

I only watched 7 once, about 15 years after it came out and wished I hadn’t.

Can we have a key for which number is which please?
Which ones mission to moscow

Jones could. Saw him live a few years ago doing his best of his noises.

Anyway, nobody wants an ironic reboot. I thought we left those in the noughties?

1: What an Institution
2: Their First Assignment
3: Back in Training
4: Citizens on Patrol
5: Assignment Miami Beach
6: City Under Siege
7: Mission to Moscow

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Would just like to point out a few things

  • I’d had a few when I started this thread.
  • I don’t actually remember which film is which as I’d watch the first 5 on repeat.
  • They are obviously awful and do not stand up to repeated viewing.
  • As a youngun, I knew from the zipper sound that the prostitute was doing something to Lassard’s willy while he was giving the speech, but I was never quite sure what, or why it would cause such a reaction.