Policies UKIP should adopt now we are out of the EU

Replace all UK passports with blue passports and then replace those passports with no passports at all for British people, who are allowed to go wherever they want because two World Wars and one World Cup.

Knighthood for Marine A.

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These should feature somewhere (I actually saw someone wearing a pair yesterday)

I’d completely blanked it from my mind.


Use of Americanisms in British English to be punished by hanging. :wink:


There’s already a rolling heavy-handed satire thread, guys.

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He was pretty good in Sherlock


Invasion of Bongo Bongo land

The 99 flake was not called 99 because it cost 99p.

It was launched in the 1930s (citation needed) where 99p would have bought you a car.

99 just denoted something a bit special or classy (citation needed) like “deluxe”.

forgot to sign in as marckee


they should bring back being able to say what you like regardless of facts


When kids graduate from a pencil to a pen they should have to use a terrible cartridge fountain pen with a chisel tip which gets ink everywhere and is impossible to use if you are left handed. Non of this ballpoint nonsense.


This isn’t true, by the way.

are you suggesting it actually is called 99 because it used to be 99p?

are you saying that?


Yeah i know. Doesn’t change my policy

Start a new world war against Germany that we will win so we can match them again when adding world war victories to world cup ones


My browser keeps using an American spell checker. I have tried to change it but it keeps switching back…

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creme eggs need to be the size of real eggs.

More restrictive opening hours, particularly on Sunday.
Could genuinely see them trotting out these ideas regarding pubs, department stores and off licenses in particular with the line that it’s for increased leisure and who needs capitalism anyway (when really it’s just wanting everything to go back to the mid-50s)

Also people injured when drunk having to pay for A&E treatment.