Political leanings of animals

I guess it depends if you count “the whole of the sea” as a territory or not.


Dogs are pack animals and just lurve a strong leader, they’re basically foot soldiers for facism. Also they work for the police.


Unfortunately, peacocks are alt-right

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Flamingos are centrist

Uh oh, you might get in some trouble on DiS for suggesting that centrists… HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON!!! hahahahahaha


Dogs are definitely pro Brexit

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Will never forget the feeling of thinking a friendly doggo was saying hi and realising he was grassing me out. WHY DOGGO

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Horses are secretly plotting to overthrow the Tories. They’ve been sucked into the Conservative heartlands but they’re miserable about it.


I really want horses to be good guys

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Too highly strung to be anything left of centre

Me too. Fox hunting, dressage, pulling the aristocracy around in carts… I reckon they’re due an uprising.


Mongeese are antifa

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Ibises are Australia’s tankies

Bears are the libertarian dream. Lolling around the woods on their todd. Bit of fishing, living off the land.


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Honey badgers are part of the YPG

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dogs are absolutely brexit ukippers

edit: not harsh enough, fascists through and through

Dogs - Love nothing more than pleasing others, exist to ensure that others are happy. Extremely left wing.

Cats - People admire them for their selfishness for some reason, completely self-centred and self-absorbed. Take joy in enjoying the spoils of others. Undeniably Tory.

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much as I love them, I think cats are probably the contrarian anti-woke left