Political leanings of animals

Uh oh, you might get in some trouble on DiS for suggesting that centrists… HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON!!! hahahahahaha


Dogs are definitely pro Brexit

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Will never forget the feeling of thinking a friendly doggo was saying hi and realising he was grassing me out. WHY DOGGO

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Horses are secretly plotting to overthrow the Tories. They’ve been sucked into the Conservative heartlands but they’re miserable about it.


I really want horses to be good guys

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Too highly strung to be anything left of centre

Me too. Fox hunting, dressage, pulling the aristocracy around in carts… I reckon they’re due an uprising.


Mongeese are antifa

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Ibises are Australia’s tankies

Bears are the libertarian dream. Lolling around the woods on their todd. Bit of fishing, living off the land.


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Honey badgers are part of the YPG

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dogs are absolutely brexit ukippers

edit: not harsh enough, fascists through and through

Dogs - Love nothing more than pleasing others, exist to ensure that others are happy. Extremely left wing.

Cats - People admire them for their selfishness for some reason, completely self-centred and self-absorbed. Take joy in enjoying the spoils of others. Undeniably Tory.

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much as I love them, I think cats are probably the contrarian anti-woke left

wolves are YPG-style marxist-feminists :heart_eyes:

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Cats like destruction of property far too much to be Tory, no way they’d waste some of clothes/bedsheets/misc that cats have put paid to over the years.

Cats are independents through and through, or potentially anarchists with trust funds

Rampant consumerists. Constantly giving themselves excuses to have new shit that they don’t fucking need.

i think when it comes to poitics giraffes need to wind their necks in


you are describing the traits of a dog, cats are decadent aesthetes