Political Leanings

Choose the ones you have some affinity with
(Anonymous poll btw)

  • Hugo Chavez
  • Galloway
  • Corbs
  • Miliband The Younger
  • Miliband The Elder
  • Gordon Brown
  • John Major
  • May-bot
  • Mogg
  • Tommy Robinson
  • Thatcher
  • Hitler

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When you say Miliband the elder, do you mean Dave or Ralph

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Which Miliband is which?

EDIT: never mind.

Why the hitler stuff?


This isn’t sophisticated enough to capture my unique and nuanced take on politics. You stupid Tory.


Lots of social issues and the bad management of post WW1 europe

I think today’s the day to shut this place down.

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Lots of failed artists on these boards.


Is Hitler the only person to have a hairstyle and a style of facial hair named after him?

Er so I’m a little concerned about how many people selected a mass murdering antisemite. Does anyone want to explain themselves?


I’m guessing it’s ‘banter’…

OK @moderators - remove the anonymity.

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You can’t, for obvious reasons, remove the anonymity after a poll has been created. I’m guessing not so many people would have voted for Hitler if you could.


I thought he was good in celebrity big brother


Does anyone on these boards vote Tory? I’d be interested to hear why, and why they continue to post on dis anyway. Anyone willing to admit it?

i do

See I’d be willing to consider bants replies but can you not see why a poll like this looks pretty awful?

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Yes and that’s why I didn’t vote for him