Political violence

Not trying to alert GCHQ with this thread (hi guys! Great work you’re doing! Cheltenham is lovely, isn’t it?), but I think it’s worth discussing. At what stage does violence become not only tolerable, but possibly obligatory as a part of cultural discourse? Like, things feel legitimately dangerous right now. I don’t know how the left can respond. Are movements like Occupy and BLM enough? Are we going to see something like the Red Army Faction make a come back? Is it time for revolution (puts on Les Mis soundtrack)?

I thought they were just people with legitimate concerns who wanted an open and honest conversation and we had to get of our lefty echo chambers and engage with them?


Move to Scotland, dissolve the UK and get this shitshow back on the road.

(Also find a decent Democratic POTUS candidate do we can put this Trump nonsense behind us.)

Or something.

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Not sure I understand the subtext here, but I ought to point out that 24°C is way too warm as a levelled out temp. Sub-20, please.

You monster.

Oh, right, I see. And 18 degs is spot on, ta. I see you in the Edinburgh new town. I’ll stick where I am, ta*. But don’t fret there’ll be a decent train connection between us.

*The no-need-to-work factor would possibly lead to me looking into coastal options. Probably west coast. But there are lots of places in the Borders that are nice. Think I need another holiday to explore Galloway a bit more. To be tbh, Glencoe is outright stunning, so that’s an option that I’d have to look into… :heart_eyes:

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As i said before and got slagged off for on here, the only good fascist is a dead fascist and they need to be fronted wherever they are

Should we start going to the gym a bit more?


I’ve said it before, but being a passenger with a few cans and some decent music on in the car on the A82 from Glasgow to Fort William (via Loch Lomond and Glencoe) is an outrageously enjoyable experience. I do it once a year when I’m heading up to Ben Nevis, and it’s the highlight of my summer.

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Fort William is one of those places I have been several times but never felt I’ve actually seen, because the rain has been so heavy every time.

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Yeah, the weather is pretty rough more often than not. The drive through Glen Coe (the Glen as opposed to the village) can be great in bad weather as well though - if either side disappears into black clouds and rain it’s really kind of foreboding and Lost Worldy.

I like how hard it is to get lost in a lot of the Highlands, because there is basically one road.

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Can you stop talking about Scotland and start talking about twatting people please.

Bet when the right start talking about beating up lefties the chat doesn’t get diverted to shite like this


Yeah, no more Scotland chat (aside from this: I once had to get a hire car back from Fort William to Edinburgh airport, drive like the clappers through Glencoe, was amazing).

But seriously, Red Army Faction, heroes or villains?

Heroes. In fact their logo is my avatar on another site

Who are we? RED ARMY!..faction

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A lot of those groups were actually massively sexist, racist and homophobic in their actual practice though, as are quite a good chunk of current antifas.


“Horst Mahler, a founding RAF member, is now a vocal Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier.[52] In 2005, Mahler was sentenced to 6 years in prison for incitement to racial hatred against Jews.[53] He is on record as saying that his beliefs have not changed: Der Feind ist der Gleiche (The enemy is the same).[54]”

Well he should be killed then and the antifa groups i’ve knocked about with in manchester have plenty of women in them are not racist or homophobic.

Some of them have actually gone abroad to fight in wars

And you are a straight white man, yes?

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