Politically Centrist Values in 2017


  • We should leave the European Union
  • It’s not racist to not want people from other countries in your country
  • The NHS is a good thing we should pay more for
  • But we should maybe stop drunk people or smokers being allowed to use it
  • No politicians are capable



Weight of evidence, research and academic backing doesn’t make a perspective more valid, it’s all just opinions


There are elites somewhere doing something and I’m not comfortable with it.


People who are both richer and poorer than me should be taxed more: I should be taxed less.


The elites in question are other people, not me.


Political correctness is in most instances actually incorrect


If the Scottish can have their National Party, the English - or British - should also have one, because it’s exactly the same thing.


NHS - also stop fat people using it. Particularly those who have large televisions

  • It is wrong to give people who work in public service pay-rises in line with inflation to maintain their standard of living.


Strikes should be outlawed


The only people whose opinions are worth listening to are aged 40+ (except if they’re lefties or luvvies)


If we absolutely must give the least fortunate in society money, it absolutely should not be spent on cigarettes, alcohol, or flat screen televisions.


Use of tax payers money

royal family

Overseas aid
social housing
Unemployment and disability benefits


BEST: Tarmac


At least 98% of benefits claimants are doing so fraudulently.


haven’t fully decided yet:



Universities are banning free speech


Gary Lineker is a leftist extremist


Muslims I’ve met and muslims in quorn adverts - very nice
Muslims I haven’t met - not very nice at all


Donald Trump - Bad
Nigel Farage - Good