Politics: The Long Smarch (2020)

Think I read summat once that said approvals will continue to increase after a big victory because people just like winners. Humans are weird and shit.


I do not recognise any political unit ssa having authority/jurisdiction over me.

(There I’m emancipated now.)

I self identify as not having left the EU.


how fucking incredible is it that, having won the 2015 election, Cameron would still be PM for another couple of months had he not gambled on the EU referendum

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Nationalisation! Sort of.


Gonna be wild seeing all the labour manifesto policies put in by the tories

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Turns out you CAN just point at stuff and nationalise it, eh?


Very interested to see how this is going to play out in the long-run.

On a local level, cautiously pleased to hear this, the West Midlands Trains franchise has been utterly unfit for purpose, particularly since a disasterous timetable re-write in May last year which, as with the Thameslink fiasco of May '18, was never going to be feasible when it went live. Since then they’ve been trying to play catch-up and providing a rotten service.

Vested interest and all that since the day job is all about trying to get operators to see the sense in not just whacking timetables into a technical model and then using that as their gospel for timetables, but to allow some kind of up-lift for real-world running. Hopefully this’ll be the catalyst for people beginning to work together and not butt heads in self-interest. Not gonna hold my breath, obviously.

So the SNP, huh. Turns out they’re a bunch of absolutely reprehensible, self-serving cunts.

Alex Salmond acquitted of all charges of sexual assault. I think we all know the reality of what happened, and the disgusting behaviour extended to far more people than just him.

I don’t, because I wasn’t a jury member of the trial, so I’d be interested in what you know better than they did.

Oh mate

Very good. If you’re not going to engage and actually tell me what you know then you can quit with the patronising bullshit.

I think there have been plenty (seriously, plenty) of discussions both on here and on the wider internet about how the judicial system does not deliver justice when it comes to matters of sexual assault. There are matters of public record relating to this case that allow us to make pretty secure judgements about what has happened.


Caroline Lucas is pretty great and has sensible ideas, 2020 edition.

hahaha, fuck me, that’s not what i was saying and it certainly wasn’t what you were saying either.

okay, ill try and look for them myself, thanks.

also, i think he’s a fucking prick and a dickhead, always have. his patroninsing bullshit was only one of many thing that i disliked. i was not surprised he was being tired for what he was alledged to have done, and was seriously curious as to what you knew more than anything else.

typo at the end of the second tweet there

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Alex Salmond getting off seems like a massive miscarriage of justice doesn’t it

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NINE counts, isn’t it?

edit: TWELVE charges.

I think the virus and other issues prevented key evidence being presented, but the truth will out. It always does eventually.

My next door neighbour looks just like Laura Kuenssberg, quite uncanny. Also works for the BBC.