Politics w/c 29 March - "the democratic bargain exactly backwards”

No, we’re not talking about the Music Board albums of the month thread, but UK politics, where ministers seem to be using self-deleting messages in order to avoid government transparency norms.

Use this thread to document and discuss political developments this week.

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Made a thread on weekly vs monthly then

So, the Northern Independence Party… CHUK/TIG-esque Twitter squib? Or are they actually any kind of a threat?

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Not going to post it because it’s pretty vile and I couldnt make it the whole way through but David Lammy’s been responding to a phone-in on LBC asking him how he can be “African-Carribean” and “British” (and telling him at one point he cant be both).

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Really hoping he replied with “Nobody puts Lammy in a corner”.

Sorry Pervo,

Edit: there’s plenty of Northern Independence Party talk in the March thread this morning

Even more in the dedicated thread, @TheBarbieMovie2023