Poll: The Weakest Link (The Beatles - Revolver)

Yeah, I voted for GTGYIML - Paul’s granny music with bad motown-light brass.

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Only just realised that tag superbideaman wasn’t about spiderman or some similar superhero

Super Bidea Man?


There isn’t a bad track on this album.

You appear to have missed Eleanor Rigby on the track listing. I understand though, I try to do that too.

Honestly, while I get people are a bit less used to the sort of ‘curio’ type album these days, I fully love every track from this, even Tory-loving Taxman.

Now if this were Rubber Soul then What Goes On…jesus, that track would be in the bin faster than some absolute idiot could claim to like it.

Taxman is obviously the worst. Even if (and it’s a massive if) you leave aside the lyrics, it’s just not a very good song.

*Drive my Car

What the hell is wrong with this board. There is nothing wrong with Drive My Car. The only people I’ve ever known who took issue with it had failed to listen to the lyrics and thought it was about a man ordering a woman to slave for him as his driver - and they obviously came around once they understood it was the opposite.

No it’s just an annoying song

beep beep, beep beep yeah!


You’re such a wrongun.

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School ‘music lessons’ where we were forced to constantly sing Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday and Penny Lane forever tainted those three songs for me.

Very similar to the year of my life I had Seven Nation Army as my alarm tone. I still get flashbacks if I hear that song.

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I guess this round will close shortly. Look forward to the next cull. Now, I have to say that, whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise - not least because it made me go back and listen to a classic album again (not that it changed my vote) - realistically we all know where this is going to end. Don’t we?

Re: alarms - I made this mistake with too many great songs that I previously enjoyed, especially between the ages of 18 and 22. Most notably Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear, can’t hear that piano intro without wanting to smash up my speakers. :frowning:

Taxman is the one that I feel most conflicted about. Love the tune but very uneasy about its sentiment. Given that it starts the record, on rare occasions when I’ve been in a particularly forthright/politically ranty mood it’s put me off listening to the rest of the album.

round one closes in around 20 minutes folks!

C’mon folks, just 10 minutes to save Dr. Robert from the chop …