Poll Thread: Favourite member of the band


Easy place to start:

  • Thom
  • Jonny
  • Colin
  • Ed
  • Phil

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Probably best avoiding bands with too many anonymous members like, idk, My Morning Jacket (cue responses about MMJ’s amazing bass player).


As musicians

  • Ringo
  • Macca
  • John
  • George

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As people

  • Ringo
  • Macca
  • John
  • George

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  • Alan
  • Mimi

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  • Johnny Borrell
  • I don’t recognise talent

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As people is tought.

In the 60s – Ringo. He was hilarious.
Now he is an absolute weapon.


Ho ho ho ho ho ho


Voting for George ahead of McCartney as a musician is absolutely nuts. If these polls were public I’d know what DiSers to never trust again.


You forgot the guy in the hat


So much this^


There are some dodgy moments from solo-paul…so that might skew it. Though I don’t condone it.


You’re right. I was comparing George the guitarist with Paul the bassist, which even then is the wrong choice, but when you consider Paul’s other instruments and range of writing styles it’s no contest.

Answer changed accordingly.


Depends.on your criteria. George worte may of the Beatles best songs, taxman, something, etc. His solo career was arguably better and well he is a far better technically.

My biggest surprise is the lack of love for Lennon. Almost all my favourite Beatles songs were.lennons and he probably wrote the best post Beatles album.


Strawberry Fields, Day in a Life, Come Together, I am the Walrus, Norwegian Wood, Tommorow Knows, I’m only sleeping, and so on.

Basically all the Beatles songs that were a bit more creative production wise.




I’m talking as a musician. You’ve named two Harrison songs there compared to how many brilliant songs McCartney wrote. In terms of musicianship he was miles ahead of the rest and could play absolutely anything. His bass playing still holds up as brilliant to this day. Let’s not forget his guitar playing on 'Taxman" itself, along with however many other songs he played on. The

  • Ozzy
  • Tony
  • G/Z/R
  • Poor Bill Ward

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I could name more harrison songs too. Point I was making is consistency. Paul would write.some utter crap and his best songs still don’t really hit me in the same way as the best Harrison or Lennon songs, Helter Skelter aside.


I don’t really know too much about the technical aspects invoved so I will concide here to your superior knowledge

  • Ian
  • Guy
  • Joe
  • Brendan

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