Poll Thread Of Drunken Shame (and possibly glory)


Have you … when drunk … ?

Urinated in a part of the house that is not a toilet (e.g. staircase, cupboard, bed)

  • No
  • Yes, once
  • Yes, on several occasions

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Someone I was at uni with once got up in the night, walked into one of their housemate’s rooms and did a widdle inside their wardrobe :smiley: /:open_mouth:

There’s also someone in this very office who decided to share with us that she has a habit of pissing herself when drunk and once accidentally did it whilst engaged in sexual activity.


I’m sure I’ve done it but genuinely can’t remember the specifics.

I did piss on the back yard of my new house when I went to a party there over Christmas before I moved in. That was out of desperation though cos someone was rutting in the bathroom for ages.


Have you whilst drunk been sick into a skip?

  • Of course not, I’m not a monster
  • Yes, it can happen to the very best of us.

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not done that in a house but I remember drunkenly stumbling around some provincial town nightclub trying to find the toilets. Was one of these clubs across multiple floors, I remember walking around for ages and somehow ended up in a stockroom, saw that nobody was around and had a wee in the corner behind some crates. Someone came in mid-flow, saw what I was doing and frog-marched me out of the club. Managed to get back in a few minutes later and finished the job in the gents :triumph:


I pissed all over the bathmat once. Went into the lav, was too drunk to find the light switch, went to where I thought the toilet was (which to be fair I got right) and pissed facing away from it. So close…


this happened to one of my ATDs one night, and the banta was pure shabz:

ever been thrown out of a club for taking too long in the loos (suspected to be taking drugs) when in fact, you were taking a shit:

  • Oh, yes.
  • Oh, no.

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I believe he was drunk, so it counts.


No, but I’ve pissed all over the bathroom floor while sober.


I do kind of live in fear of that happening.


Have you … when drunk … ?

Vomited in front of your parent(s) (or other legal guardian(s))?

  • No
  • Yes, once
  • Yes, on several occasions

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Convinced yourself you have drunk yourself sober, walked into the kitchen of someone else’s house and pissed on your girlfriends coat?

  • No
  • Just me then

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My mum only saw me drunk the once - I’d been out with some old friends from 6th form and had got very heavily stuck into the Stella. I woke up about an hour after I’d gone to bed, and managed to get as far as the avocado washbasin of the family bathroom before painting it a new colour. I was incredibly remorseful the following day.


my mate woke up at Leeds fest, pissed in his girlfriends bag thinking it was the toilet, then on the sleeping bag. he had to buy her a new wardrobe from oxfam


Have you ever slept somewhere unconvential while drunk

  • Yes (say where)
  • No

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not in front of them, but on the driveway to greet them in the morning


walking home alone, feeling sick and requiring several stops to sit down, i woke up on the steps of this iconic concert hall an unspecified amount of time later


Nearly there


Hospital waiting room

In front of my house when I’d lost my keys

In the corridor of a block of flats (including unscrewing the light to turn it off)

Roof of a hotel

Disused Factory in Stanton

More, I expect, but they escape me now


In front of the bass speakers at a club


Outside the Royal Festival Hall.
The old Thameslink station in Kings Cross.
A communal garden near old street.
A few fields in Dorset.