Poll Thread Where All The Poll Options Are Horrible

  • Permanently sharing an outdoor bin with your neighbours, but they never put it out on the street on bin day so you always have to do it. If you’re on holiday it’s just overflowing.
  • One audible hiccup every hour from 8am-9pm daily (excluding public holidays).

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The bin poll option is based on a true story and inspired this thread

there was a programme on about a guy with constant hiccups and it ruined his life

I assume. dunno didn’t watch it

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Yeah, but I’ll bet his neighbours were very considerate so it could have been worse

My mum’s currently involved in some bin wars. She tells her 90 year old neighbour with Parkinson’s to put her rubbish bags into my mum’s bin so she only needs to take out the one bin for them both. Good system, works well.

Recently bin bags have started showing up in the 90 year old’s bin. My mum suspected a particular neighbour so knocked on their door and said “SOMEONE’s been putting their rubbish in that poor old lady’s bin! You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”

They replied “oh no, nothing to do with me! That’s disgraceful! Also, which day is bin day?”



get your mum to set up an instagram for the bin and only let that one neighbour view the stories. see what happens.

  • World Cup every day for the rest of the week
  • No World Cups ever again

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ooooh, unlucky voters!

  • Having permanent cat breath
  • Having to eat dog food as your main meal twice a week

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What kind of dog food is it?

Reckon, if pushed, I could manage one of those premium wet food pouches that have actual discernible ingredients in them. Probably better than some of the shite we eat, tbf.

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Is it a hiccup that you do or one that’s audible from some one else every hour.

  • The end of the world having a fixed date of 06/09/2069.
  • Train timetables are abolished worldwide, trains just turn up when they feel like.

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One that you do which is audible (though only just)

reckon you could fashion an actually okay steak pie out of dog food

Wet food pouches… from aldi

Suspect this one may be swung by how old people are, tbh

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  • The concept of a musical album is made illegal, including the production of vinyl, CDs and Minidiscs.
  • You have to get your middle name(s) changed to “Sick Playlist” and go through the bureaucratic processes of making that happen. Whenever someone asks you your name, you have to use your full name.

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Keep going…

can i still get a hold of kitchen flooring