Poll: Tingling Purlicue


Do you ever experience a tingling sensation, similar to asmr but in that web of skin between your thumb and finger?

It’s sort of fizzy.

  • Yes
  • No

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Sounds like an animal collective album


Not a thing



Ok well similar to how it’s described then, but maybe more of a fizzy, itchy feeling?


More often I get a tingling sensation in my upper arm around the elbow when I think about other people being happy for me or when I think about water.


Yay! Bamnan!


Uh oh


Still not a thing for me


No, have got two spots above that web so it looks a bit like a face though


I get mine when I watch romantic bits of films or when I hear about romantic things


It’s fine, if the ASMR mafia come for me I’ll just softly whisper something sibilant and they’ll all be disabled by jizzing themselves.


Are itchy veins a thing?


If you’re asking me that because I’m Scottish, that’s a hate crime.


I get mine when I think of cotton wool or if I catch an edgy nail on something


Definitely in my top three favourite Harry Potter spells.


Them’s fighting words, you up for a brawl buddy?




Don’t try to distract me with pork based food items you coward.


Have you ever used one of those orgasmatron head massage things, https://goo.gl/images/EjqE9s