Poll: Tingling Purlicue


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If it’s a bit like the sensation you get from one of those head massage things but more subtle and triggered by something I’ve seen rather than something I’ve felt then yes it’s a thing, I don’t know if I’ve had the auditory kind though

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Make it talk.


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Living the dream!

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It’s just a kink with a pseudo-science name, so it’s a thing, it’s just not what it pretends it is. Like religion.



so is something actually happening then? In the body?

I think my tingling purlicue is because that’s where the vein is closest to the skin on my body

I wouldn’t know but I think they all just need a cold shower tbh

Oh yes, they’re very good. First time I ever saw one was at a house party where everyone was on pills and using one of those on each other. They were having a fucking great time.

Just remembered when I was on a pill once and this guy made a little car out of a chocolate mini roll and smarties for wheels and I literally gasped and he was pissing himself laughing (he wasn’t on a pill)

I get some pretty weird sensations there, but mostly itching and it’s related to having dry skin, so … probably not the same thing