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both little boffs


^Huevos y Bacon

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Always thought it was Asterix and Obelix, but see that Asterix takes all the limelight/titles. He’s mugged him off there!




^Cutts the butcher




Asterix, but my favourite of all those kind of cartoons is Mafalda


People who call asterisks “asterixs”.




Although I’ve no time whatsoever for Asterix, Goscinny wrote a series of delightful books about a boy called Nicholas which I read as a child and later to my daughter.

They’re brilliant.


I was pleased to learn that in Portugal espresso is actually called “expresso”.


pronounced eshpresso?


why do you want to end polls?


Probably. Portuguese is an odd language.


We read this in French at school. I got very excited that it was the bloke who wrote Asterix, but less excited about having to use a dictionary every three words.


I read it in English. A lot less hassle.


I’ve just spent £3.50 on a second hand copy of this. It better be good!


It’s lovely.

Your boy is too young for it at the moment but he’ll like it when he’s a bit older.