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both little boffs


^Huevos y Bacon

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Always thought it was Asterix and Obelix, but see that Asterix takes all the limelight/titles. He’s mugged him off there!


^Cutts the butcher

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Asterix, but my favourite of all those kind of cartoons is Mafalda

People who call asterisks “asterixs”.


Although I’ve no time whatsoever for Asterix, Goscinny wrote a series of delightful books about a boy called Nicholas which I read as a child and later to my daughter.

They’re brilliant.

I was pleased to learn that in Portugal espresso is actually called “expresso”.

pronounced eshpresso?

why do you want to end polls?

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Probably. Portuguese is an odd language.

We read this in French at school. I got very excited that it was the bloke who wrote Asterix, but less excited about having to use a dictionary every three words.

I read it in English. A lot less hassle.

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I’ve just spent £3.50 on a second hand copy of this. It better be good!

It’s lovely.

Your boy is too young for it at the moment but he’ll like it when he’s a bit older.