Polling Day DiS exit poll

Anonymous poll, only vote here if/when you have already cast your vote

Chat allowed/encouraged - particularly any ’dogs at polling stations’ chat. Even polling station selfies if you like

Choose between 1 & 3 options

  • Labour
  • Conservative
  • LibDem
  • Green
  • Independent
  • UKIP
  • Residents Association

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no dogs at the polling station today, just a Lib Dem and a Labour person sat outside asking for polling card numbers. disappointing.

Forgot to register at my new address :frowning:

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No dogs. I was the sixth person to vote.

Always confused is being on the electoral register the same as registering to vote? I registered to vote when I moved in February so ignored recent adverts about doing it but haven’t had a card through, gonna try after work

I get to vote for a mayor too!


Oh wait there isn’t one here that would explain it


Special Army Soldier Jarvis huh?

Saw a dog leaving the polling station as I was arriving. Didn’t find out who it voted for.

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Either him or Mick Bower for the Yorkshire party


Oh it’s for silly Englanders only anyway.

The lesser spotted cat at the polling station


I always wondered what that was all about. Yesterday I found out that it is simply so that they can remind people who haven’t voted that they ought to do so.

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Elections might be only in England today but non-British people who are properly resident here can vote in local elections (just not in General Elections). So make sure all your foreign Englanders know that they can go and vote.

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Erm…what exactly are we voting for?

Council elections, isn’t it?

Not that there’s elections around my way because somehow we’re out of sync with the rest of the country.

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Local council elections today.

Sorry @rob.orch beat me to it!