Polls broken for mobile view

When I create a poll, I cannot scroll down to the “Insert Poll” button anymore. All other fields are accessible except that one.

I cannot scroll down any lower than this.

If I view in desktop mode, it still works fine.

This is on Android, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, latest Android version.

What the fuck, it just started working again (though weirdly the bottom buttons render a lot later than everything else.

It just happened to me again, there’s definitely a problem here, most times it doesn’t work, but I’ve found a workaround.

Change between single choice / multiple choice a few times and eventually the bottom bar appears.

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Just looking at the settings and I can’t see much to do with polls, sadly.

Do you have a different mobile browser you could try?

Chrome or Samsung’s browser?


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Right - I can reproduce this on my laptop using Chrome dev tools.

The create poll modal is fine if the whole height can fit into your browser window, but it breaks if not.

If the whole thing doesn’t fit, this happens:

You get two scroll bars (see the red arrows). When you touch almost anywhere it only scrolls the inner (left) one - which controls the options section of the modal.

From testing in touch mode on desktop, there’s two possible workarounds:

  1. Touch in the area I outlined in blue and scroll down. This will control the outer (right) scroll bar directly
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the options section, then let go and scroll again (without going back up). Chrome should interpret a scroll once the inner form element is at the bottom as an attempt to control the outer scroll bar.

Will have a look into fixes.

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Think I’ve fixed with a simple CSS change. You might need to do a hard refresh on the page to pick up the fix - let me know how it goes.


You did fix it! Great work identifying the issue and thanks so much for the fix!

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