POLLS: Decide what time and place in history you will spend the rest of your life

Honestly just kill me if those are my options

  • LA in the 1960s
  • NY in the 1970s

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  • Catalonia, 1936
  • Anywhere, now.

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Literally would take the revolutions over those

Well they’re not options, so vote accordingly please.

I’m making the assumption that, except where explicitly stated, I’d just be a standard population member in all of these time periods. Reckon any time that’s away from the constant churning gyre of nightmarish news and information would be fine. I don’t mind working hard, particularly when it has a direct relation to my output, so even subsistence farming or pre-Industrial Revolution agriculture would be chill with me. I’ll just go and be a peasant out in the fields.

I know it’s exactly what you want me to say but it would be nice to actually win.

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  • DiS social board 2010
  • DiS music board 2020

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Don’t really know why I voted on that one seeing as I didn’t post in either.

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  • Vienna, 1900s
  • Paris, 1920s

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‘do I want to die a brutal death from starvation’.

can’t believe anyone voted Ukraine. you guys know what happens in a few years time, right?

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slaves seem to have had better rights in Rome, so I’m going Rome purely on that.

my answer to this is mostly going to be no for all of these scenarios :slight_smile:

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  • Tom Cruise’s mouth 1998
  • Jack Nicholson’s nose 1979

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I’m doing the Rawls thing

As in John Rawls? I don’t know this thing, what is it?

It’s a massively pretentious reference on my part to a concept from political philosophy that I only vaguely remember, which (as per my memory) is where you imagine that you have yet to be born and you have no idea which member of society you will be born as.

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Oh yeah, I remember! Not a huge gap from my thinking