Polystyrene planes

Just looked at this and they’ve been living in my head rent free ever since. Can practically feel them on my fingers.

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Banned from our school.

Along with polos and 2p coins.

My school banned currency. Odd.

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My first* ever job was working in the local Forbuoys. Halcyon days :sunglasses:


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Remember Old Time?

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Gurlic bread!?

There’s a shop in town called The Deck Of Cards that still sells this kind of stuff. The Cheeksters love getting one of them in their Christmas stocking :blush:

Had these but they were :octopus:

These were huge at my school for a while

Remember someone sticking one to his forehead and getting a big circular love bite thing as a result

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Birds>Planes, imho

Fucking hell

Never seen these before

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Check out Sting over here!


I fly like polystyrene, get high like planes