Poo chart [Audit]

Having a type 6 day after a type 1 day on Tuesday. The fun never stops.

Total wildcard right now

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Dropped a textbook 4 this morning.

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I was on Type 8 when I was ill the other week.

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The descriptions of those :nauseated_face:

I find the inclusion of food-related words to be rather unpleasant

Been between 5 and 7 for a week, not having the best life rn

One of my proudest moments was when hospitalised telling the consultant that I had moved from seven to six on the Bristol stool chart.


Don’t think I usually fit any of these, would say my typical delivery is a bit of 3 and a bit of 5 but not a 4

It’s difficult to say as I go by taste


Mambo no. 5

As in unprompted. She just asked what my stools were like. No guidance. I was proud of my knowledge not my stools. Hope this clears up any confusion.


Can go through the whole spectrum in one day sometimes

I usually carry around a 4 day sample in a segmented tupperware box in case I’m suddenly taken ill.

Yeah, hospital food is rubbish.

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This is hilarious.

  1. But much paler and more interesting since I’ve been mostly vegetarian.


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When I caught the mother of all gut rot in Tunisia a few years ago, mine was more like the something from the wee thread for about a month.