🐩 Tuesday EVENING thread 🐩

Don’t ever let it be said I don’t take any responsibility for this place (Jesus H Christ, how many i’s are in the word ‘responsibility’? (That’s a rhetorical question and you do not need to answer it, thanks))


I want to order Thai food but it says they’re closed but I don’t think they are closed and this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to anyone ever I’m hungry.

What is your go-to Thai food?

Chicken pad thai, because I am a deeply boring person.

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HANG ON it’s working now. Evening saved.

Evening whiterussian!! I’m making chilli and I’ve managed to stop myself from putting a full family sized pack of coriander in it. Such restraint.

@Sketches I can’t help but notice you’ve got a bottle of whisky in your fridge there. Interesting.


I now have a functioning central heating system again so I’m slowly defrosting. Want pizza but should probably go to Tesco rather than Dominos.

Evening whiterussian, evening all.
Tonight is gonna be super lazy, gonna get the fire on and watch tv.

Oh I want some chilli

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The cleaner drank all your whisky and milk to blank out the horrors of your nasty personal habits? And then was so drunk they put the whisky away in the fridge?



How come your English is so good?

Gonna take you hours to warm that tiny bit left at the bottom back up to room temperature. A hard life.

Gonna whip up some Moroccan salmon then decorate our massive Christmas tree :heart_eyes:


Evening WR and everyone :slight_smile:

Green smoothie dinner then off to a film night; we’re watching Jacobs Ladder.

@Sketches need me to pop to shops and stock your fridge up?

The cellar and the “wine bar”?

  1. Started learning early
  2. Watch a lot of films and television/listen to a lot of music/read a lot of books in English
  3. Spent a lot of time growing up on UK based internet forums (hello!)
  4. Spent a lot of time in the UK
  5. Am well into geeky language stuff

Pix of the tree after it’s decorated please! <3

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Feeling shit after a nightshift last night. Another overnight tomorrow. I’ll stay in and watch TV. Anyone recommend any good films on Netflix/Amazon? Something under the radar would be better than an obvious recommendation.

No worries! What beers are they?

An immaculate cellar would be more scary. Bet murderers & kidnappers have an immaculate basement.

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