Poor admin shaming poll thread

One to kick off:

What’s the total size of files in your “Downloads” folder?

  • Empty
  • 0-1 MB
  • 1-10 MB
  • 11-100 MB
  • 101 MB - 1GB
  • 1-10 GB
  • 11GB/+

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Well I for one am glad this thread wasn’t what I expected it to be.


A svelte 121 MB, but only because last week I had the first ever clear out since getting this laptop.

But you know, in the scheme of things on this work machine:

Worst drowned in sound admin:

  • Theo
  • Niki
  • Parsers

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Do you just type all your stuff in Notepad or something?

I’ve closed this to save @Parsefone his blushes…



What proportion of your sock drawer is made up of single socks at this moment in time?

  • 0%
  • 1-10%
  • 11-50%
  • 51-90%
  • 91-99%
  • 100%

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Just don’t have to download much, just the odd Excel file.

please close this poll

TBF I didn’t think you needed to justify this.

Emails in your inbox (excluding sub-folders):

  • 0
  • 1-10
  • 11-25
  • 26-100
  • 101-500
  • 501+

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Got 1 that relates to an outstanding task. Everything else gets archived once I’ve dealt with it.

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used to be zero at the end of every day.

it’s got away from me

Since they moved to Office 365 we have a huge allowance

so it’s not really necessary to archive into the central folders.