Poor admin shaming poll thread

But over 500 in your inbox? How can you live like that?

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Categories, etc. There are subfolders and stuff. We have a lot of codes to search by but also most of it isn’t really important. The issue is that when I archive to our group folders I have to break it down loads. This takes a really long time and is naturally the least important task.


Let’s just remember that last time we had this discussion the person who was most nuts about keeping at tidy inbox was Fidel.

So just consider that, eh?

It’s a bit like how Hitler was good at drawing.

Anyway, if your (disgusting, bloated) inbox works for you, then that’s great. I wish you all the very best.

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Someone here only reads the emails that are relevant to them and lets everything else mount up in their inbox. 30,000+ unread emails ffs.

Got a bit tight in the chest just reading that.




But can colleagues search your inbox for project-related e-mails?

That’s why we have to keep ours down (I file mine every week).

They can’t. But they are copied into most of them and it’s not the major aspect of how we work. Due to the nature of my project at the moment, it’s not an issue. I archive off the smaller project stuff I am not leader on immediately.

Guys please!

Amount of unopened and unbinned post currently in your house:

  • 0 letters
  • 1 letter
  • 2 letters
  • 3-5 letters
  • 6+ letters

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One but I know what it is (company credit card statement).

When I moved out of the house I shared with my ex, I found stacks and stacks of unopened post addressed to her. Proper head in the sand stuff. Freaked my nut.

on my work PC:

about 200mb

Home laptop:

fucking so much

Move it to the “Porn” folder, ffs.


currently off the top of my head:

unopened audax uk magazine
unopened cilip update x 4
unopened blood donation letter
almost certainly more, obviously anything which is important gets opened straight away

yeah this. think about deleting the lot every now and again but CBA

13373 emails in my inbox, of which 394 are unread.

Guilty as charged

It’s been a lot higher.

Does a Phone Book count?

We got delivered a Phone Book the other day. It’s so small and sad-looking :frowning:

jeez idfk