Poor old Rony and his mate got verbally abused by a homeless man

Me and my mate were walking along last evening when a drunk homeless man and his mate started laughing at as and calling us f***ots and was generally pretty horrible.Of course we said nothing and walked on… But the thing is I see this guy fairly regularly begging. I was tempted to go back and have a word or maybe next time I see him begging say something ( I wont but feel I should). What should we have done?

-Leave it out Rony he’s homeless he’s got to get his kicks somehow.

-With behaviour like that I am not surprised he’s homeless

-You should have smashed him up Rony

-Noooo Rony he’s not worth it!

( if anyone wants to put this in a vote be my guest)

Strange post.

Well obviously not all homeless people are holy saints, but i’d usually cut them a leeeeetle bit more slack than most other members of the general public, y know, considering.

Just leave it.

(early Nike slogan needs work)

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Very true they he may just have been having a particularly bad day

Worlds a strange place

Alcohol / substance abuse are common amongst the homeless; maybe he was under the influence