Pop Perfection 2022

Pop stars obviously not getting as big budgets for music videos as they used to, but love the tune. Could imagine Carly Rae on it, which is really about as high a compliment as I can give for this type of pop song.

The entire album should appeal to the CRJ crowd really, Sister Ray is a huge banger.

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How did I miss that Kim Petras had a new EP out?

The audacity of releasing a song called Throat Goat ffs

Really enjoyed the Coconuts single, and that’s a great title, but I think I read somewhere on here that Dr Luke produced it so have been giving it a miss tbh.

Ugh, FFS. why does she keep working with him :grimacing:

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Very possibly not out of choice.

Nice bit of piano-led sophisti-pop

And some catchy Scandi synth pop, people who liked the recent Dagny and Astrid S albums might like this one

FAO @Avery / @Gnometorious (i think?)


Yeah, I’ve been enjoying the new MØ album. Think I still prefer her last one, but there’s some big tunes on this, for sure, this being one of them.


I think this goes here

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That is some video :smiley: (like the tune too!)

Great euphoric disco-pop :heart_eyes:

(Video probably NSFW)


and a :rotating_light: Pop Banger Alert :rotating_light:


That looks like Aquaria (S10 Drag Race winner) in the thumbnail! (It probably is)

YouTube info for the video says that it is. (Haven’t seen that particular series so don’t know so much about them)

Not really enjoyed any Styles/One Direction efforts before but this sounds ace.

The lad has some bangers

A return to ‘Me’-era form by Empress Of would be a hugely welcome development for 2022. This has me excited.