Pop Perfection 2022

TLC vibes here with a banging chorus


Oh man, not at all enjoying Sigrid’s new stuff :sleepy:

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They’re doing nothing for me either. Really nervous the album is going to be more of the same.

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The new one with Bring Me the Horizon is absolutely awful

I don’t hate it, but I have no urge to listen to it again. Too much of a ploddy rock ballad.

The absolute worst band. Mystified by their pop festival headliner status.

For a long time I’d have agreed with you, but they’ve got loads of silly fun songs these days. Actually really looking forward to watching them at Reading this year. The songs they’ve done with Grimes and with Halsey are far better than that Sigrid song.

Never even heard of them tbh but i wont be doing any further investigation

On first listen this Sigrid album is flat and lacks all of the magic of her first album.

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Tove Lo is the best popstar


Cheesy AF but like it quite a lot. Sounded great live a few weeks ago too

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Just heard True Romance for the first time. That’s quite special.

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Edit: Tove Lo - 2 Die 4 (Scene 3) - YouTube

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This album is the best pop album of the year. Change my mind

Big on that tik tok apparently. Fun song. Not seen the video

So 80s & so good.

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Love the stuff they’ve been doing.