Pop stars are shit because they don't play instruments EXCEPTIONS

Let’s talk about pop stars who actually do play instruments in live/studio settings, despite not being known for it.

The voice is still an instrument = 0 pts
Obv Prince = 0pts

I remember on an older series of X Factor (2012 was the only one I watched, so must be that?) Katy Perry debuted The One Who Got Away on an acoustic guitar. I was in tears by the end - the single version isn’t as good.

See also, Justin Timberlake at the piano for 'Til The End of Time.

Who else?

the voice is still an instrument


The peppermint apes


Ed Sheeran does clever things with loop pedals by all accounts.


Eddie Vandross got the nickname ‘Luther’ from co-workers at the Indianapolis Renaissance Fair, where his facility with a range of instruments - including the sackbut, ocarina and dulcimer - coupled with good looks and monogrammed pyjamas drew the attention of visiting record company executives.

~ Marilyn Monroe


Ever seen Take That covering Nirvana? Breathtaking!


The zenith of human accomplishment

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Kendrick Lamar can competently knock out a groove on the maracas

Ever seen Lil Wayne bust out a guitar solo? Stupendous!


Taylor Swift plays guitar but there’s relatively little guitar played on either of her 2 decent songs, so I’m not sure that really proves anything.

Nick Jonas can wield a mean axe too. Proper bo!

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Madge is mad for the auld six string twanger! She should be Satriani by now


I remember the staff at Blueprint in Manchester telling me about when Justin Timberlake had been in to their studio. Apparently he had a few free days after playing the MEN so he’d booked some time to record a new tune for Duran Duran. I’m guessing it was just for a demo but the staff told me he played every instrument and did most of the engineering himself too, worked 12-15 hours a day, and his only request was some ketchup to go with his fried chicken. Left them all a massive tip as well. Seems like a good egg.


Love that man even more now.

Then again, that whole man of the woods thing

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Well, yeah…

I might be imagining this but sure I saw Eminem playing a piano once

Nah it’s true


Cheeky girls