Pop stars are shit because they don't play instruments EXCEPTIONS

While in New York I went to a screening of The David Letterman show and Justin Bieber was one of the guests. They had him do a drum solo and though ianad, he seemed to be very good.

I’ve heard Dave Grohl is pretty good on the drums too.

Would love it if some really famous popstar is a dab hand with a really niche instrument…like a xylophone…but nobody knows because who wants a xylophone in “Despacito” or “Shotgun”? (Well, I would, but that’s not the point)

I imagined a boy band where, instead of one of them leaving the band to pursue their real artistic ambitions of doing a serious face in music videos, he leaves because One Direction or whatever didn’t give him sufficient freedom to embark on the five hour zither odysseys of his musical dreams

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fred durst playing the guitar video


I love that video so much

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Craig McLachlan on TV-AM.