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Looking For Linda
Labour Of Love

I see this has been covered, ignore me

3 in 21 Hours was a less popular final round, tbf


Do the 3 have to be top 40 hits? Because I’ve just checked and Hue and Cry only had 3 top 40 hits (the ones I posted). If so, that’s very harsh and you have my commiserations @Funkhouser

Yeah they have to have charted but I’m not sure if it’s top 40. Normally he just says ‘UK chart hits’.

They used to count the top 75 as ‘charting’.

Don’t know who ‘they’ are. The illuminati*, maybs?

*Andi Peters


I hope you all knew what year Labour Of Love was

Dry as anything show that. Had to turn it over when ‘Davie’ was telling us about his Ocean Colour Scene tribute band

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At least @ him, coward.

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Ocean Colour Scheme is a great tribute band name tbf