Taking two bottles of poppers at once (one per nostril) is one of life’s great thrills

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Literally, thinking about them has actually given me a headache. Horrible. I have never used them for sex purposes but I don’t personally find headaches arousing.


Think the last time I took some was at that Stone Roses gig in heaton park.

Just remind me of school tbh

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Popper legal, popper haircuts.


Might distract from the bumache though

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Poppers are poggers

A few years ago I got told by somebody who had the air of knowing what they were on about that every time you do poppers you might just drop dead, and I haven’t touched them since then because just not worth it lads. Is that true at all?

Fun thing that happened to me was I was doing poppers in the Reading Festival campsite and as I was doing them a football hit me in the face and a load of poppers went up my nose and it hurt


28 years old, I was

maybe 17?

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A friend of mine had a bottle in his pocket that leaked and gave him a chemical burn near his groin


Jesus :scream:

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Oh jeez! I once accidentally spilt an entire bottle of poppers over my ex (though he wasn’t my ex at the time), I’ve never felt a mood change so rapidly, luckily no damage was done.


Once pitched right next to the path towards the arena at Reading. Got proper panned in the head one night because some moshers were having a trolley joust and a fat mosher in a trolley fell onto our tent.

I can’t stand those sort of moshers that are basically Gareth Keenan.

I don’t think they are. I might be wrong, but I’m sure they got banned when the government clamped down on all those mental legal highs that were being sold as plant food and bath salts.

Probably another story for another time, but I once bought a research chemical that was sold as a convex oven cleaner. Completely tasteless and odourless powder. Part of me died that day. Harrowing.

Nah you can literally buy them in my corner shop, at the till next to the chewing gum. They’re just sold as ‘room odouriser’ or some other loophole.

I thought that loophole had been closed about ten years ago, but a quick Google says otherwise.

Always crack open a fresh one to huff on the way home when I pop in for some Quavers and milk.

(Genuinely don’t know why the loophole has been closed but maybe Big Amyl is more influential at lobbying than we realise)

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Smoke 'em if you got em