(I’m a Paramedic) we used to have a patient who frequently called the ambulance a few years ago. (We have frequent callers or regulars as we call them).
He was in his early 30’s and was a previous frequent user of poppers. He developed a condition called Methemoglobinemia. Essentially the ability of his red blood cells to carry O2 was permanently impaired. Main management was to use O2 daily. If he went out in his car he would have to take an O2 cylinder if he walked around the shops he would have to have a rucksack with O2 in it. Normal healthy oxygen levels are between 95 and 98% when breathing the air for a healthy person.
His levels (even when on high dose O2) were 85% at best.
Symptoms he would experience were breathlessness, dizziness, confusion, chest pain, palpitations and nausea. All on a regular basis which involved frequent admissions to hospital.
I’m just saying this because although it’s legal it is not without its risks. I tried it when I was 16 and just got a banging headache. Not for me Clive.


I had a patient the other day with Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. From excessive cannabis use.
This causes prolonged vomiting and abdominal cramps. It’s easily treatable but not very pleasant and can last several days.

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Sounds like he’s on a permo poppers buzz.

All jokes aside, that sounds horrendous and is serious food for thought.

Re: the cannabinoid one, was that through synthetic cannabis or just from loads of weed?

friend tricked me into trying them at reading 97, just gave me a headache

Sounds obvious to me

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my friends had some with them on my 30th when we went to Newcastle

did some when we were watching Adem

you know, like the original indie folk poppers scene


Loads of weed.

Never had these or nos balloons for some reason

One of the more shocking and surprising things I’ve seen with substance abuse was a guy who was addicted to Butane gas. The yellow cans of Butane in an aerosol that you can fill lighters up with. He would get through 5/6 cans a day by pressing the nozzle against his teeth with lips sealed. Then inhaling into his lungs. He literally had a pallet of it in his flat. I wish I could tell you a story about what it did to him but we took him into hospital for something (I believe) to be unrelated. The whole time I was talking to him and assessing him he was taking intermittent gulps of gas. When we took him to hospital he insisted on filling his day sack with as many cans he could feasibly get in there. Doesn’t seem like a great quality of life to me but that’s addiction I guess. But certainly not one of the common type of addictive substances I’ve seen used.

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Massively understand your point and sensitive to the overall intent of your post, but

Is this level of detailed step by step a good thing to share?

Again not a criticism, just a thought

We are all grown ups. Just telling a story. It’s on you tube. Google etc. 24 hours in A+E Thought it might be interesting to people to explain the lengths people go to. If you don’t like to read it then I’m sorry and won’t post further on this subject. Apologies

Not trying to get you to stop at all, your insight is very powerful and appreciated.

It was only a question I had reading that, literally made me think about the fact I have that exact thing in the cupboard in the kitchen and I’m stuck at home alone and I’d never done it.

While the thought was fleeting, it just made me think to flag it. Might just be because of who I am and where I’m at though.

Yeah I get that. The world I come from (job wise) is dealing with some pretty fucked up stuff and I wouldn’t dream of posting all the gory horrific stuff I’ve seen. Only my wife knows those things. But your point is valid. It was just on the topic of poppers got me thinking about other types of substance abuse I’d seen that’s all. I guess the butane guy must have troubled me. I think I worry for him in the long term… and I maybe illustrated the situation too vividly. I hope you are okay man.

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Completely understandable, I would very much be the same in your shoes I feel, and seeing all these things on the daily would also desensitise as well as certain things just sticking with you.

I hope you’re ok too, I can only imagine how tough things are sometimes in that job, especially this year.

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Knew an older lad called Veg who was addicted to gas, he can’t have been older than 40 when he passed away.

The story goes that it somehow made his skull soft? I don’t know if that’s medically possible but that was the story on the estate.

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I had a really fun time during the election results last year (this year? Time is meaningless) with poppers. Had a bizarre moment where I was like “I’m Jeremy from Peep Show! Why haven’t I done poppers? I’ve done ketamine, why haven’t I done poppers? I’m not scared!”
Anyway yeah, bought some from a corner shop on my way to vote (I looked great btw, had a Jez t-shirt on and a matching collar) and was all set up at home with alcohol and the thread on here, just huffing away. I don’t think I did it right though, it just made my face feel big and hot and my arsehole was as clenched as ever cause I have severe anxiety.
Anyway the next morning I puked on my own feet. If anyone wants to show me how to do them properly please do.


The people’s moderator :smiley:


Literally the best
wont have a word said against them

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