Poppy seeds in a lemon cake

Can fuck off, frankly. No business being in there


Sunflower seeds in an apple turnover

(My stance on this extends to poppy seeds in a lemon cake fwiw)

ooh yes please.

Absolutely pointless.

Seeds are really good for you.
We should be incorporating seeds into as many recipes as we can, imho.


Call yourself a 1/4 German?

I sometimes like seeded bread.

I like that bread sellers normally have seeded and unseeded available.

If cake sellers had proper lemon cake on sale as well as the ruined version I’d wish them all the best but they never do.

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Would rather have a slice of cake and a small glass of seeds on the side to eat separately

But WILL you though?
I don’t think you can be trusted.

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Kale is healthy too. Have a bit of kale in my lemon cake please. Eff off mate

You are wrong. It’s delicious


lemon and poppy seed cake is lush


Lime courgette cake is a thing.

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What a despicable thing to say, Gnomey. I am very disappointed to here this coming out of your mouth.

Lemon cake is lush.

Poppy seeds turn it from one of the best cakes to a real what might have been.

I typed it with my fingers so I hope that absolves me atleast a tiny little bit in your eyes.

Also I know this because an ATD made me one for my birthday a fee years ago. It was delicious. Think it was gingery too.

Do you know what, I’m really sick of people making cakes out of vegetables

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Did you say “cour, gette a load of this!” when they gave it to you


Carrot cake is good.
Sweet potato can be OK.

No others

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