Popular things you don't see the appeal in. a fair or not fair poll type thread



so yeah, you suggest something popular that you don’t dig, build a poll (open please) with fair or not fair as the options and then people can stick their thoughts in, in the form of a vote. lets try to not let this descend into chaos. just keep your thoughts to a vote innit

I think this might be a not bad thread idea


Soaps (not the stuff you wash your face with)

  • fair
  • not fair

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I presumed that fair can be “don’t like them but can see why people do”


Isn’t this just your Weird or Not Weird thread?


people not understanding this thread:[poll public=true]

  • fair
  • not fair


decent thread idea. poor execution


Would be better without the voting


please elaborate. I (we) have the ability to amend and tinker


not sure fair/unfair is the right poll. Maybe needs some clarification. I think I know what you’re on about but there’s already a few posts ITT asking what you’re on about. Maybe needs rewording and restarting


Its just gonna turn into a superhero/comic book bashing thread…which is my suggestion for a poll


Maybe change it to
Into It
Not Into It


hentai fan, eh?


Dodgems, haunted house, ferris wheel, hall of mirrors, candy floss

  • Fair
  • Not fair

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Less than 3/8 of the sky is covered by opaque clouds, there is no precipitation, visibility is unlimited, and there are no extremes of temperature or winds

  • Fair
  • Not Fair

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would you like to start a new thread on the back of this feedback? maybe uses @jordan_229 's ideas, but perhaps use into it, not into it, no thoughts as the three options?



I thought the voting thing would keep it nice and tidy.


American singer, songwriter & actress Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

  • no
  • not this shit again
  • shut up
  • ears

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fair or not fair, becoming good later


I thought “fair” meant that it was reasonable not to see the appeal for anyone.