Pork belly or belly pork? 🐖🐷🐽



Inspired by idiots on Come Dine With Me.

  • Pork belly
  • Belly pork

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belly draft


Surely belly pork is some weird abbreviation of ‘belly of pork’. Which is a little bit arsey but at least it makes fucking sense


belly pork isn’t it

the other way round you’d have to say ‘pig belly’ rather than pork according to world renowned scientists and ethnographers


EDIT: he’s already explained himself. Still wrong though


You say lamb shoulder, not shoulder lamb.


I say leg lamb

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pork belly car door


what hyg said. And before you say ‘yeah but lamb’s the name of the animal too’ or something, you’d say beef shin, not cow shin or shin beef.


no you don’t. You say leg of lamb, everyone does


beef mince or minced beef?


both are fine, mince beef would not be


beef minced

A thread for quoting posts from other threads

I confess. I don’t say leg lamb. there is no logic to saying belly pork. but I do. but this is america, and I can say what I want and the fascist thought policecan’t stop me


The hell we can’t!