Pornhub's 2016 year in review


A bit late on this I know. Plenty of interesting and/or amusing tidbits. May not want to open this at work. No pics, but many graphs and search terms. Apparently ‘giantess’ is a growing niche in the UK :smiley:


bit ‘Last Leg’ this


Giantess, I like the way you dress


So gamers actually masturbate over game characters?
Well fuck


All the ‘mom’ stuff. Men are fucking weird.


Most top searches had an incest flavour.

Dirty bastards.


those women were in the nip



thread’ll liven up once someone cops to watching and enjoying porn. just gotta get the first 20 obligatory virtue replies out of the way and we’re in business.

naturally i hate porn and hope this thread doesn’t liven up.


The fact that they even permit this sort of thing, let alone actively promote it in stuff like year end lists, is deeply, deeply fucked up. Porn IS sex education for a lot of kids nowadays, and beyond just the youth angle this acts to normalise this stuff.

I’m not some sort of shrieking puritan, but I really think there should be serious curbs on this sort of material being distributed. I’m sure they’d argue they’re just serving an audience, but I don’t think that audience needs indulging. Like, at all.


You’re probably right, but I love a good bunch of maps and stats regardless of the subject.


Yeah, I love an infographic as much as the next guy, but particularly with regard to some of the ‘edgier’ stuff on there, it’s dangerous.


Well I just looked up some ‘giantess’ stuff.

Very odd. In a boring way.


Would say stuff like rape porn and bdsm is far more dangetous tbh. I know they’re performers and the women are usually paid more than the men but kids, especially teenage lads, are absolute idiots and I’m sure they’d be daft enough to try some of the more avant garde stuff they’ve seen just to say they had.


Well yeah, frankly it’s all pretty awful and I don’t think the pay argument washes at all, but I just think this is a worrying trend. Maybe I’m biased - I can’t figure out how to quote another thread but I mentioned in the Worst Jobs one about how I used to work for some police and court services on child protection evidencing, and some of the stuff you hear is just utterly devastating - it’s not a fantasy, it’s just fucking wrong on every level. Anything that serves to provide a mainstream platform for that is wrong, and Pornhub is definitely a mainstream platform. Some things just shouldn’t be legitimised. This is just one of them, but a particularly nasty one.


Oh yeah, I mean I mentioned the pay in an attempt to head off any potential defense of gonzo stuff ITT I guess. I was a teenager when bluetooth first came out and when we saw the first wave of viral porn videos where they were basically more like really awful endurance challenges it was well shocking. That was fringe then but now it’s kind of a given that the average amount of porn a someone watches will deffo include a fair amount of really dodgy, violent stuff. Dunno how you even begin to deal with it at this point tho.


this is strange to me. an alternative music forum that doesn’t approve of porn. do they have strip clubs over there?


this was covered in The People vs Larry Flynt. Great flick.


wondering how many of you are watching pornhub right now…