Portion sizes: the definitive poll thread, chat welcomed

I’ll begin.

Pasta :spaghetti:

  • Less than 70g per person
  • The “recommended” 70-100g per person
  • More than 100g per person

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Pasta - always weigh it out as it says on the packet, seems to be pretty spot on.

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Ain’t nobody got time to weigh their pasta.


Pasta: 100g per person

Rice: small mug of rice between two people

Noodles: can never remember, always end up overcatering

serving of toast

  • one slice
  • two slice
  • three slice
  • moar

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NB: slice designates one slice of bread, which may or may not then be halved

We have 125g pasta each (we don’t actually weigh it, but have half a 500g pack each time between us).


No you don’t

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I certainly do Tone. Though our kitchen scales were damaged in the move so I won’t be able to do this in future :disappointed:

i do both

well, i split it up into sensible portions and then eat them all at once anyway like a piggy :pig:


The saddest phrase I regularly hear if is my gf saying “if we leave a portion I can have it for lunch tomorrow”

Aye but food


Pasta: “Haven’t a clue how I measure this, time to lash it in.”

Rice: “This expands and absorbs water so try and create a mental picture for yourself as to how big the grains will get. Oh shite, that’s too much!”

Anything else: “Hang on, I don’t cook anything else that needs to be measured like that!”


split into really bloody massive portions


By the hospital doors

I pour the pasta into my hand and then when its full, thats one persons portion
I then add like a few sprinklings more for luck.

This is always too much pasta.


Sweet or savoury (any difference in behaviour?)

  • Just a sliver (then seconds)
  • Up to 45°
  • Up to 90°
  • Protractors are for dweebs

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250g pack of stuffed pasta

  • A meal for two, as it says on the pack
  • obviously one portion

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Your method’s a bit Jamie Oliver meo.

I’ve said up to 90 degrees, but usually it’ll be two 45 degree slices as I very briefly pretend I’m not going to be a greedy pig this time.


I make 160g for two, probably gets split about 90g for me and 70g for the wife, unless she’s serving then it’s even (don’t tell her).

We always have a decent size salad alongside a pasta dinner (full bag of leaves, cherry tomatoes, peppers, olives, spring onion, toasted pine nuts).

45° at a time (then seconds, then thirds)