Portraits Of Balonz



Five times @zxcvbnm was a total n00b! (The turn DiS into Buzzfeed thread)
Friday Stats Check


Not sure why, but that letter C above his left eye is really cracking me up today.



is it a tattoo?



A wonderful curation, thank you @ma0sm


Fucking hell, this has absolutely done me :smiley:


the one in the rowing boat did me


Has he always had that “c.”?

Lovely stuff.


You should have spread all of those over multiple posts and milked the Likes for all they’re worth.


I don’t know - there’s something quite impressive (if that’s the right word) about an OP with 39 Balonz memes.


Jesus Christ this thread has fucking done me already!

Good work everyone.


visions of johanna


Strong. My personal fave is the train hanging out the building.


@chris-budget has done a ton of these, but they were all dead Dropbox links. Would be great to get them in the new world order.


yeah sorry - i ran out of room on dropbox and had to delete some stuff

all gone i’m afraid




Identity of Banksy revealed