Portraits Of Balonz

Loving ALL OF THESE. Was gonna name a couple of favourites but then I keot scrolling and realised it’s just impossible to pick favourites :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

one day I’ll look back and wonder if I wasted my life


How come @iamwiggy is in several of these? Not that I’m complainimg but he is, after all, not actually Balonx

he’s in them for the same reason that the lightsaber never made it into his hands

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Laughed out loud at Future Islands man dancing

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What the fuck is this?


The Balonz balloon is still the thing that will make me laugh the most reliably that I think I’ve ever seen.


This would have been useful knowledge for that thread where we had to make you laugh.

Sometimes life doesn’t work in the chronology you intend it to be in

I don’t know what Christingle is

You mean you missed out on melting wax all over an orange with dolly mixtures on cocktail sticks?

You haven’t lived ma0sm.

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That does sound like the sort of thing I’d like

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I know it’s an old thread but…is it ok to put a swastika on the Balonz balloon?

No it’s not.

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feel bad drawing attention to it being as it’s an old thread, sorry

Who made the nazi one?

Good call, I’ll edit it out of the original