Posh chocolates

Yeah I know we’ve had topics like this before, but they’re all quite old.

Basically I want to interrogate the hive mind. I used to have a go to place for buying posh chocolates, a company based in Sloane Square in London that I won’t name explicitly, except to say that their range seems to have reduced a lot lately, and they’ve been getting some really cruddy reviews indicating that maybe they’re in a bit of financial bother.

Anyway I want to buy a very posh box of chocolates for some people I hold very dear. I’m prepared to spend some serious money for a decent quantity of nice chocolates for three people to share over a few weeks. Ideally light on the alcohol, although that’d be fine if it was obvious which ones contained it.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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Hotel Chocolat is my benchmark for posh chocolate, does it have to be posher than that?


OK I knew I’d get jokes. And I like jokes. But I also really want some tips if anyone has any.

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Yeah I think I might revisit their site a bit, but I was looking for something a bit more “Oh wow” than that if possible.

Your job is based up around North Greenwich right? Try these guys…

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Paul A Young

They have closed some of their outlets, but the main one in Islington (Camden Passage) is still there


Chocolate’s one of the things which doesn’t improve in quality relative to the extra spend, imho.


lol just went to his website and his online shop is all sold out.

Bloody Brexit!

I’d kind of agree, but this is definitely more about the experience and the “it’s the thought that counts” kind of thing.

I know I’m going to be wasting my money, but I’m happy to do so.

Rococo on the King’s Road.

Philip Neal in Chiswick

Pierre Marcolini

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It appears the shop has closed.

Seems a very recent developement - last few weeks - I have bought chocolate from the actual shop earlier in the year. Very sad news.


Also Laderach.


Yeah for all my brexit joking it does seem like the choccy business is facing some headwinds at the moment.

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Thanks for all the tips though everyone and any more welcome.

Could try Le Chocolate Alain Ducasse? Has a few locations in London. I bought some when in Paris and enjoyed but not sure what the general consensus is. Might be what you’re looking for though

I like hitel choclat because theyre always training ataff how to mulkshakes and stuff when i happen to arrive and end up with a free one

Also the slabs are deliscious

Gino D’Acampo must have robbed him.

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Last few years I’ve really been loving Zotter chocolates from Austria. Pay $9.99 a bar for them in the US from a specialty shop in town. Here’s the non-US site:


Just look at this lovely stuff.


This looks like just the thing, thanks but again look at how much they’re sold out!

We’re all going to be eating coal for Christmas