Posh chocolates

These are amazing. Wife has got me a box of these for a couple of birthdays previously with the weirdest flavours and they were all delicious and beautiful as well.

Proper old school fancy chocolate shop near me: Contact

I think they deliver, you might need to give them a call, website is a bit of a nightmare…

These look very pretty and I’ve bought them as gifts a few times

A friend of the family makes and sells these:


Does it have to be a box?

I got gifted a subscription to Cocoa Runners once - c. £23pm for a minimum of three months. Very good chocolate and less of the obligation to eat it all at once.

Sorry but this deserves a few likes.

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Having been sent some by an absolute DiS megababe, I can confirm that Alain Ducasse are very very nice indeed.

No it doesn’t and again thanks for the suggestion. But in this case it has to be pretty immediate and focused on the next few weeks.

Nevertheless I’m further down the road than I was so thank you everyone

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Just go to Harrods food hall. Lots of posh chocolate brands in the same place.

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Might be worth a go if I can make the logistics work

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Oh another one