Posh pot noodles

Been investigating these as a lunch option recently, your Itsu pots and Kubuto Noodles, haven’t ventured to a Pot Noodle yet but started to think, you know what, maybe I’m just being snobbish and it’s all pretty much the same thing?

Got any faves, tips or recommendations?

Big fan of these


and the chicken ramen Kabuto.

Also this range are all good imo

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Let’s be honest though, nothing beats chicken super noodles, and now they do them in an XL pot so they’ve got even better.

Not had the pot version but the pack version of these are the best readily available instant noodle so assume these are also top notch


wok noodle, found ages ago in a small corner shop

like pot noodle but somehow better cos wok


How spicy is spicy here?

I normally leave a little bit of the seasoning powder out unless I want burning lips. Pretty spicy

Think they’re all shite tbh.

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I’m trying to reduce my spice intake so would have to tread with great care but will venture down the speciality foods aisle tomorrow and have a look

I’ve tried quite a few, and none are as nice as a standard Pot Noodle.

They are indeed the exact same thing, just without years of honing the job and with an inflated price.

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anyone seen that tiktok thing where someone drains the water out of the bottom of a pot noodle

this has done me for some reason, sorry.


It does me, that’s the problem


Can never get into these, always go for a standard packet of ramen e.g.

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Those things are general intake bad news. Never look at the sodium unless you want your arteries to clench.

Been venturing into this world a bit myself lately currently been trying the Itsu ones which are decent