Posh versions of things (banal?)


Inspired by @Mistersteve’s posh club sandwich

Posh fish finger sandwich = haddock goujons on ciabatta with aoili or some shit.




J-Oliver has been all over his posh fish finger sandwich for yeaaaars.

“You just can’t beat a classic fish finger sandwich – bread, butter, a dollop of ketchup, bosh! ”



Not sure if this counts, but when I do beans on toast I saw off massive thick slices of granary bread and have leerdammer between that and the beans. Poshish.


Hamburger is just a fancy corn beef sandwich


“What a prat I am!”




Guys, he’s got six things on his website with the word “posh” in it! Go forth and posh bosh!


I don’t think beans on toast can every be posh.

My old housemate used to use crumpets instead of bread for beans on toast. Didn’t make him posh, just made him a bit of a flannel.


That sounds like a fucking disaster.




I was hoping we could avoid this one. Nobody’s ever wasted a condom on it, it’s an urban legend.


Welsh Rarebit = posh cheese on toast.


Shitting Christ.


What he’s done there is make a different meal that’s massively inferior to beans on toast.

I would be pining for the standard.


Mate you should check out my posh cheese on toast. You start out with a really nice bit of fillet steak, sous-vide it, and serve it with some triple cooked chunky chips.



Like babycham?


Pizza = posh cheese on toast


Suspiciously similar to my recipe for Corn Flakes.


Think I’ll stick with my regular, non-posh beef carpaccio thanks, you absolute fucking weapon.