Positive Songs (help me make a mix CD)


I’m trying to curate a selection of songs for a friend of mine who could do with a healthy dose of positivity in their life (though couldn’t we all to an extent). I’ve gotten so far…but it’s always best to ask DiS.


Pretty much everything I listen to is miserable but there’s definitely some very moving positivity / hope in here.


Oh and “The Middle”





alive with the glory of love by say anything


steal my sunshine



Pretty much my go to song when I need a dose of positivity:


Or this one:



Ha, that was going to be my third one.




Zwan was actually really, really good at this (I suppose to a fault). I think it’s the only positive music in my collection that isn’t of that Eels-esque “everything is horrible but I’d still do it again” variety.



Say what you will, but 311 is a positive band.


Not strictly a positive song but when I need something upbeat to sing through gritted teeth it doesn’t get any better than, “I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.”