++ positive things time thread ++


c’mon, you can do it!

Here I’ll go first if you like:

  • my friend is safe at the moment which is a huge relief
  • random person from Colombia said they really liked one of my covers on Youtube which when you think about it is a really incredible thing. I have reached out and made somebody happy!


Football is back!

I ran to work from the new flat this morning and it was very good and feasible as an every day option I think

My nephew has apparently started singing “I’m gonna poo and party, poo and party” the whole time which is really fucking funny and has made me look forward to taking him and my niece to see Captain Underpants soon.


Game of Thrones and bacon roll lined up for lunch, no complaints here.



Oh are you getting nice weather today? That’s good too!


Baby elephants are a thing. http://i.imgur.com/RJeDTTC.mp4


Nah, it’s pissing it down, really grim in fact but I don’t mind running in the rain (which is weird because it actively makes me angry to have to do anything else outside when it’s raining)


I can’t help but wonder where you thought the adult ones came from.


Massive storks.


kind of feel like the whole striving for a goal in life might be over for me, in that maybe my entire goal was supposed to be finding who I love and spending as much time with them as humanly possible.

So now I’m gearing up to do the latter, potentially by just taking the plunge and working on her ballet school with her. got some ideas, me.


That is very cute though.

I’d love to play with a baby elephant.


awww look at him/her go!


yeah I like running in the rain, I had a nice time running and listening to OK Computer in the rain recently


that’s great, you just get to chill and enjoy life! Make some music, travel the world, recommend obscure books to folk.



Got promoted at work last week

Currently eating a Wispa

Going climbing tonight


I don’t post here often, but seeing Bamnan always encouraging and engaging other people here always makes a shitty workday that much brighter.


oh congratulations! This text will be blurredon your WispaThis text will be blurred




will probably live to like a MAX of 75, so…


Nice one! I had a very disheartening first run for a few months on Sunday so it was nice to have a decent one this morning, still lots of work to do if I’m gonna be ready for the half-marathon I’m signed up for at the end of next month though…


Things are mainly pretty lame but.,.

Yesterday, I found a Squirtle postcard my son had left me to find when he was with me on Saturday upon which he’d written…

_Dear Daddy,

It is pokemon not pokejohn you weirdy beardy banana face.

From J(redacted)_

I’d love to be in his little 6 year old mind sometimes.