Positive Thread of Happiness :)


It’s tough at this time of year for many reasons, long nights, social pressure, complicated family etc so let’s take a moment to list out some things that are great in our lives or the world in general.

I know this is not an original concept for a thread and it’s not intended to diminish real sadness and problems many are facing so apologies on both of those fronts.

  • My dodgy stomach is getting better, thought I was in for a looong cold but I’ve dodged it more or less.

  • Lovely DiS responses to my “art” is a source of strength for me right now as I am doubting myself.

  • Stevie Wonder is great

Can you help me find some positives too? :slight_smile: x


Sun’s shining. It’s not too cold.



Been trawling the “music board” (!!!) and found a load of great new albums to end the year on.

Feeling pretty good and i NEVER feel good in winter (thanks meds you have changed my life)

Looking forward to giving my work secret santa tomorrow as I have made something i know they will love

Finish work on Thurs til weds 3rd Jan and can’t wait to just chill, booze, write, do some photography, see people, go on walks, have log fires

Love you all…yes even YOU!


Feel a bit bad for the snowman, tbh.


love the way panda is like “aah fuck it” about half way through and just starts lobbing snow around everywhere :smiley:


Been feeling utterly awful lately.
Practically in tears at the thought of going home. Families are stressful huh.


you can get through it mate :slight_smile: soon be a new year and all the festive stuff will be over with


what are some great albums? I find it really hard to discover new music, feels so intimidating


Pandas are great, don’t give a fuck, can’t be arsed to mate, can’t be arsed to eat anything other than their favourite food and just dick about the whole time. GBOL.


Got sent home from work, was feeling so shit but scared to take time off :sleepy: so that’s something I’m v happy with, going to cuddle with my hot water bottle and watch stranger things 2 which I was saving for a sick day!


something we can all relate to!


yeah, have a chill out day to yourself, everyone needs those! Eat something nice too


DiS Secret Santa is only days away!

@Antpocalypsenow posted a great panda video that made me smile.

I have custard creams.

R has learnt to say ‘pudding’ and it is the sweetest thing. Also he is calling my brother Don because he can’t do Ts so well, going to try make that stick for a lifetime.


I would like to say that I think we have a lovely community on here and everyone should be very proud of themselves, good work all


Hurray for the riff raff - the navigator

Sampha - process

Big thief - just discovered the debut and one from this year, prefer debut

Cigarettes after sex - cigarettes after sex

And loads more!


My boss just handed me an unwrapped 4 pack of cider and mumbled, “merry christmas mate” just before leaving on his xmas break. Cheered me right up that did. Love that guy.


It’s my last day of work before Christmas! And tomorrow morning at about 7am, this one will pile into our bed in her dragon onesie, closely followed by her sister, and we’ll sit up in bed AND NOT GO TO SCHOOL / WORK :slight_smile:




kids are the best!

My youngest niece has this amazing really unaffected goofy belly laugh that is so infectious, I don’t normally laugh much but it always sets me off