++ positive thread ++

please use this space to mention things that are great and make or are making you happy:

  • my mum’s doing a bit better with her anxiety condition lately, feels more like having a parent again.

  • managing to continue writing music so I think my fear of being a has-been was somewhat unfounded.

Hope you have some good stuff in your lives to and if you care to share it then I will use it to reflect on how great things are always out there somewhere.

thanks x


My drinking has moved from expensive pubs at the weekend to going round a mates instead and drinking a bottle of brandy/vodka, for a fraction of the price and getting completely tanked up.


Manchester United FC are NOT sixth in the English Premier League.


i’ve made quesadillas and refried beans for lunch and i’m very happy about it

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El-Ricthefourth more like!


I only feel quite rubbish today.

I don’t have any money but I DO have a credit card and am going to buy some chocolate with it from Tescos

Not long until I can go home for Easter and see my lovely cats and less lovely but still OK family and friends.

Finding my new synth therapeutic


I had a nice trip to Glasgow at the weekend and saw Cloud Nothings.


Off on holiday on Saturday

sounds like a win to me! Bet the company is better too

I can’t imagine you being sad, it must be the balloon.

is your cat in the cat pictures thread?

where are you going to?

post a pic! I want to see the real deal

this was great. I love birds

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romancing somebody?

with a fucking massive bar of whole nut? no :smiley:

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