++ positive thread ++


Yes, but here’s one to tide you by

A rare image of Calcifer and Maya not trying to kill each other.



Photo is confusing the lower keyboard is a midi controller slotted into the draw of my desk


I am feeling a little down in the dumps. I’m wfh cause i’m sick and therefore i’m a bit lonely!

It is pay day though and i’ve just ordered myself loads of yarn to make a super chunky rainbow blanket.


I’m not sad, just been ill for a couple of weeks and it seems to be lifting.


I’ve just told those people that they can stick their job (politely of course). I really don’t know if that was a good idea or not. I was probably just getting in there first before they turned me down.


aww what a pair of cuties!


aah that is lush! I love mini synths like that. Can’t wait to hear some of the great stuff you’ll be making with it


I’ll do my best


it’s raining here so that kinda sucks BUT I managed to go for a run in it so I’m feeling proud.

I would suggest the same but probably not a good idea if you are ill.

I feel I could really benefit from some kind of skill/crafty type hobby, really need something that forces me away from a computer screen after 9pm.


it was a good idea, you will feel much happier and more fulfilled. I believe in you x


Northern California :grin:


c’mon mate fruit and nut surely?


Here’s a picture of me being positive (the positive being ILY my bike)


Well done!
I wouldn’t be able to get motivated to run in the rain so you’ve achieved something before you’ve even left the house.

I like crochet cause it’s relaxing. Does your mum have any hobbies like that? My mum just started crocheting and she sends me little pictures of her granny squares :slight_smile:


The sun is shining, I’m not 100% broke and I’m getting some housework done.

Oh, all soundtracked by this banger.


lovely, what’s up there?


things are good in geeseland then!


you always look so happy, brilliant.


absolutely not