++ positive thread ++


my mum’s a big reader, that’s about it. Not a skill I picked up but give me a podcast anyday…maybe I should get some audiobooks or something that might be fun


you do you


if you’re doing long walks, then audiobooks should be good!


trouble is though as I have NO prior experience, I would have no idea what author I might like. History n’ shit is always cool though


i dont understand this post but can you help with something please.

i’m at my desk with the massive choccy in my poccket but the guy next to me has unexpectedly come back and I’m too ashamed to get it out now. I really want to eat it.


Trying to stay positive Bam! Glad to hear your Mum is doing well!


I think it means “enjoy the things you enjoy without worrying about what other people think” or something.

what’s to be ashamed of? Will he be jealous or do you work in some trendy graphic design studio where they will shun you for your unhealthy taste.


no i work somewhere where people freely eat battered sausage and chips from the chippy for lunch and the guy in question drinks about a litre of full fat coke a day. it’s a personal thing i guess. i have chocolate shame.


ah you’re better than them then? :wink:


thanks mate, what’s the album of the month so far then? Fancy something new to try out this afternoon


typed two or three defensive/humorous posts out here then realised you’ve hit the nail on the head


I have no plans this weekend. (This is a good thing)
I’ve front-row seats for Sunn O))) tomorrow evening.
I’ve stocked up on Imodium for aforementioned gig.


well just enjoy it guilt-free when you get round to it.


just looked up what imodium is…I don’t get it


Are you aware of the musical output of Sunn O)))?


no but are you saying it’s shit?


That is not what I am saying.


is it scary as in makes you shit yourself?



oh it’s some heavy stuff then? From the name I thought it would be reggae or something