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oh shit sorry I have used “to” instead of “too”, hopefully nobody has noticed.


We’re going to San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and wine country, plus a bit of the area north of San Francisco as it looks like there’s some nice hiking around there. Really need a holiday so I can’t wait


cool, say hi to mark kozelek if you see him!


I’ve had a birdbox with a video camera in it stuck to the side of my house for a decade. It’s been occupied every year since, but is a bit rotten. So I splashed out on a new one, this time HD camera, with infrared for viewing at night, and a side-on rather than top-down view.

On Saturday a blue tit came in, had a look round, brought some twigs and leaves and pushed them around a bit. So hopefully soon there’ll be a nest and then some eggs and then some blue tit chicks.

And this makes me happy.


Had two exams today, neither went at all terribly.


well done! What were they for?


One was a Spanish mock for writing (about Catalan and Basque nationalism) and the other was my translation exam.


oh that’s pretty high intelligence stuff, well done


My eldest daughter has high-functioning autism and has always really struggled to make friends. We’ve held birthday parties for her in the past but we’ve tended to invite people whose parents we know, plus a token couple of children from the school who have been suggested to us by her 1:1 worker. She’d then play alone and ignore them.

Anyway, she’s actually got four bona fide school friends coming to her birthday party on Saturday :slight_smile:


aww that’s so lovely, I can only imagine how proud you must feel.


Yeah definitely. It’s just really nice to see that they genuinely care for her and that the school has fostered that kind of environment.


No money, no prospects, no romance - but the weather IS getting warmer, so there’s that.


That’s brilliant, hope she has an excellent time


Had a great weekend. From being almost entirely wheelchair bound over Christmas, my mum walked 2.5 miles last week. She also had an oncologist appointment where she was told that her condition is currently stable.

You could see a huge cloud lifting from my dad as a result, and the overwhelming bleakness of the last six months will hopefully fuck the fuck right off for a good long while.

On a much lesser note, I am slowly making progress in getting that ludicrous keyboard solo from Del Shannon’s Runaway up to the required speed to play with my band.


the thunder (and lightning) keeps knocking off the internet
but i love the sound of thunder anyway


Time to spread your wings and fly


Just found out that I don’t need to get my shorthand up to 100wpm before my course structure changes at the end of July in order to get a good qualification! I can just do it whenever I fancy it. Huge weight off my mind.


[details= :slight_smile: :zap: ]


Just remembered Lucien hiding in a corner at work, ashamed to be eating a bowl of baked beans


you’re a handsome and talented dude, no need to worry